So why fashion? We have choices along a broad spectrum, from thrift store to Jimmy Choo, from bargain bin to Coach. What if you had a designer who worked exclusively for you, he/she knew your best colors, how to highlight your best features, and every outfit was tailored to fit?

Well, welcome to the world of Fashion and Textiles: Here you can learn about construction technique, textiles, and fit. You can become your own designer, sewing, once thought a relic of a bygone era is experiencing a new surge of popularity thanks to shows that allow you to follow aspiring young designers.

Family and Consumer Science recognizes that fashion never died it was just off the radar of some. It can be an exciting career, where your imagination can take shape and form the next big thing. Or it can be a personal pursuit for leisure, or for creating original one of a kind fashions that define who you are.

One of the greatest joys in life is starting with the bare materials of a project and completing a physical object, you can actually see, wear, or display.

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